Welcome to RIVTS!  We are a local Rhode Island business that specializes in videotape-to-DVD conversions.  Do you have a VHS of your wedding collecting dust on a shelf somewhere?  Hi8 tapes of your firstborn?  Or a MiniDV of that awesome vacation in San Francisco?  We can transfer them to a DVD or USB flash drive for an affordable price!

The sad thing is, the technology needed to play these tapes is slowly becoming obsolete.  It’s getting harder and harder to find a VCR that can still read a tape, or an old camcorder with a working battery.  The only way to preserve these memories is to get them on a more stable format–a digital format.  Which is where we come in!

We treat your tapes with extreme care, as if they were our own.  We do this because your tapes are more than just tapes; they’re windows to the past.  They’re a unique combination of sounds and colors, mixed together in such a way that it seems like you’ve traveled back in time.  So if you want to relive those wonderful memories of going on that museum field trip in elementary school, camping in New Hampshire, or just hanging out with your friends at a summer barbecue, let us help you put it on a format that will last a lifetime.

We have two missions: preserving the past, and embracing the technology of the future.

~Austin Barber, Owner